Marriage and Family Counseling in Meridian, ID

A married couple seeking guidance and support while holding hands during a Meridian Counseling session.
You may have seen on our Services page that we also offer couples therapy at Meridian Counseling. At first sight, it may seem like there's not much of a difference between the two. As professional counselors, however, we're prepared to handle some areas that are distinct in counseling couples who aren't married versus those who are.

The most important thing when pursuing any kind of therapy is not to wait too long before getting started.

Renowned marriage psychologist Dr. John Gottman, estimates that spouses will struggle with relationship problems for as long as six years before seeking help (Source). As a result, some couples wait until their relationships are at a breaking point before reaching out, putting additional strain on one of the most important relationships in their lives.

The truth is: Therapy is not just for "broken" people or relationships. Therapy is for ordinary people who can use a helping hand, an unbiased perspective, and gentle guidance to get through the challenges that face most of us as we do our best to build a happy life. Honestly, most people would benefit from at least some therapy.

If you're already wondering whether you and your spouse need marriage therapy, odds are, you do. And the marriage and family therapists (MFTs) at Meridian Counseling are here to help.
If what we've already said is enough for you to get started, please call (208) 803-5339 today. We're here to help.

What Does a Marriage Counselor Do? 

When you first start with a counselor or therapist at Meridian Counseling, as spouses you'll start in much the same way individuals do. There's an initial assessment to ensure we've paired you with the best provider for you.

From there, some of the features and benefits of marriage therapy include the following:

  • We provide a safe space for expression. Discussions at home can frequently escalate into arguments that veer off point or result in a complete shutdown of communication. Your sessions, however, are a safe place with an impartial ear for both of you to discuss your most personal needs.
  • Regular sessions encourage consistent results. Regular counseling sessions are a designated time to address marital issues. The busy-ness of life can become a reason or an excuse for not talking with each other. When you commit yourselves to regular therapy sessions, you make the necessary time for one another. This creates a therapeutic environment for change and growth together.
  • We help you identify and break destructive patterns. What patterns have you and your spouse fallen into? What makes your daily life with each other frustrating? Whether out of convenience or misunderstanding, you may have assumed patterns that are doing more damage than you realize. By being intentional through marriage counseling sessions, you and your spouse can identify those patterns, realize their effects, and develop a plan to improve.
  • We suggest small changes that can lead to big results. Unlike some therapy practices that believe solely in allowing clients to arrive at their own solutions, we find that therapy is more successful when a client's own insights are paired with non-judgmental insights from a therapist or counselor who knows them. We don't make demands, but we are also not afraid to discuss suggestions. And changes don't have to be monumental in scope to be monumental in result.
If you're ready to bring greater peace and happiness into your relationship, call (208) 803-5339 or contact us today to make an appointment. Your marriage isn't over just because you're struggling. You have options, and marriage therapy with Meridian Counseling is one of them.


Some people who pursue marriage and family therapy also benefit from individual therapy. Let us know if that interests you, and we can talk about how to make those two services work together.
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